Aoun lègue à Bassil?!

Aoun lègue à Bassil?!

| samedi 27 novembre 2021

Ziad Itani - Asas Media

At the editorial meeting of the magazine "Al-Bilad", spokesperson for the Association of Muslim Scholars, which was funded by Iran before its closure in 2000, and after the death of Bassel Al Assad in an accident in road in 1994, a discussion ensued on the cover of the magazine at the time. The magazine's international section chief, subject to his name not being mentioned at his request, suggested the following headline: "Muawiyah Made a Mistake, Will Hafez Al Assad Make It?" Members of the editorial board looked at each other in amazement, and one of the magazine's politicians shouted at the proposer: "Do you want to kill us all?"

The publisher meant by his title that Muawiyah Bin Abi Sufyan made a mistake when he left power to his son Yazid after his death, so he wondered if Hafez Al Assad would make a mistake in his turn and that his son Bashar would inherit power, noting that the commonality between Muawiyah and Hafez Al Assad was that they ruled Syria and its environs.

During an interview with the head of air intelligence of the Syrian regime, Abdel Fattah Kodsiya (Abou Khaled), in his office at the Palestine branch in Damascus, and I was at the time regional director of the newspaper “Okaz” in Lebanon and Syria, he told me: "When President Hafez Al Assad died, rats came out of his burrows want to rule, and these burrows were in the party headquarters and state institutions. But we were aware of their plans, and we foiled it all within 24 hours. The decision is up to the Assad family and no one else. "

The Syrian crisis did not start on March 15, 2011, when 5 people, including two women, went to the Hamidiya market in Damascus shouting: "The people want to overthrow the regime", or when the inhabitants of Daraa demonstrated, rising and angry at the murder of their child, Hamza Al Khatib, under torture by the Syrian secret service.To be more precise and historical, the Syrian crisis began when Hafez Al Assad died and his son Bashar inherited power.

It is not only the crisis in Syria, but rather the crisis in Egypt when Hosni Mubarak worked to bequeath power to his son Jamal, and Ali Abdallah Saleh worked in Yemen to bequeath power to his son Ahmed, as well as the case of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya with his son Saif Al Islam.

Some may say that it is the right of these people to bequeath their post to their children, as there are Arab kingdoms and emirates where the rule is subject to the logic of inheritance, but some overlook that these countries are 'call a kingdom or an emirate, and this is the case with the inheritance of authority ...

After all of the above, I return to Lebanon, where leadership is inherited and positions are inherited in many parties. However, Lebanon does not and never will experience a succession of government positions, especially the presidency. All the speeches that emanate from here and elsewhere on the dream of President Michel Aoun and his quest to bequeath the presidency to his son-in-law, the representative Gebran Bassil, indicate a revolutionary trend in the mores of the government in Lebanon before evoking the coup d'état against the constitution and its spirit.

Living in Lebanon on the principle of inheritance is not equal. The sects have within them parties, currents and institutions free to succeed one another to preserve their leaders. The Gemayel family can be free to bequeath the leadership of Kataeb, and the Joumblatt family can have full freedom to bequeath the Progressive Party, as well as the Hariri family of the Future Movement, and Michel Aoun of the Free Patriotic Current to the entire freedom to bequeath the movement to Gebran, Chamel or one of his daughters.

Mais le rêve de Michel Aoun  de passer la présidence à son gendre  ne peut se réaliser. De tels rêves se transforment en cauchemars nationaux qui font perdre au pays sa stabilité pour vivre, dormir, manger et boire. Endommager cette équation est une attaque contre l'existence et le destin du Liban.

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